Academy Medical Pharmacy - Clinic Space Available


The Academy Medical Pharmacy
Clinic Space Available for Family Physicians

The Academy Medical Pharmacy recently opened in November 2015. Recent renovations to the office space that are directly adjacent to pharmacy provide the opportunity for a family practice and walk in clinic to family physicians. The clinic is located on 556 Beverly Street in a quaint plaza within the Academy/University area.

There are 7 exam rooms, 3 physician offices and a large waiting room reception area. The Pharmacist on site is trained and able to work to develop warfarin anticoagulation clinics, pain optimization programs, diabetes education programs, osteoporosis bone density clinics, antipsychotic monitoring programs, smoking cessation programs, heart health clinics, vaccinations and immunizations as well as home medication reviews.

Family physicians are provided with the opportunity to practice under a turnkey solution or to rent space. The turnkey solution provides all equipment and support staff while the rent option allows the physician to bring in their own equipment and team.

If you are interested in learning more about this unique and exciting opportunity please contact:

Laura Bron
Pharmacist & Pharmacy Owner
Phone: 807-344-2282